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Lot 1 - Browning, Illinois

Key Information
State: Illinois
County: Schuyler
Acres: 0.61
SOLD March 2013!

This 1 acre lot is located in the small village of Browning, Illinois (population: 130) and is only a 1/4 mile from the Illinois River.  This parcel is as flat as a table top and is covered with mature Cottonwood and Silver Maple timber. This lot is in the floodplain of the Illinois River, is subject to annual flooding and is not suitable for most permanent structures unless they are on stilts.

This lot has great access from multiple city streets, one of which runs parallel to the north line of the property.  This is a very secluded, low traffic area which would provide plenty of privacy.  This would be a perfect place to camp out while on a hunting or fishing trip to the area!

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Below is a Google Map which shows where Lot 1 is located.

Below is a topographical map which shows where Lot 1 is located relative to the village of Browning and the larger area.  This property is very close to the Sanganois State Fish & Wildlife Area and the Illinois River.  You can see the steep, wooded bluffs in the northwest corner of the map which provide a very scenic setting for the town and this property.  It is easy to access this property from Highway 100 which runs right through town.
Picture Tour
Below are a number of recently taken high resolution photos of this property. Be sure not to miss the photo slide show at the bottom of this page which features even more photos!

Electrical poles run right along the edge of the property along the north side, between the property and the city street.

Illinois River in the background, visible through the trees.

Unused city road along western property edge serves as a great trail/road!

Photo taken from north side of the property looking southwest.

Large Cottonwood tree which has fallen near on the north side of the property.

This property is very flat with large Silver Maple and Cottonwood trees. This picture is representative of the way most of the property looks.  Note the unending supply of firewood on the forest floor!

Below is a slideshow with more pictures of Lot 1!

Lot 1 - Browning, Illinois

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