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Vermont Lot

Key Information
State: Illinois
County: Fulton
Town: Vermont
Acres: 0.68
Dimensions: 198 feet x 148.5 feet
Price: $3,995 - Priced to sell!
Financing Available: 15% down, $250/month (minimum), 7% interest
2013 Property Taxes: $133.06

This is a nice 0.68 acre lot along West 3rd Street in the small town of Vermont, Illinois. This is a very large lot to find in town, just one-third of a mile from the town square yet in a quiet, semi-wooded location! The property has a relaxed scenic atmosphere and offers plenty of privacy given its size and layout. It would make a great home site or investment property.

The property is very unique in that it is one of the largest lots in the town and is also one of the most wooded. The property has access to utilities including electricity, natural gas, water and sewer. The property is slightly downward sloping from north to south--a perfect setup for a walk-out basement!  There is a small stream running through it at the bottom of the hill that cuts across the southern portion of the property.

If you have any questions, please submit them in the easy-to-use form at the bottom of this page or send us an email at We would be happy to arrange a visit to show the property to you or answer any questions that you may have.

We are willing to work with buyers to find a payment solution that is affordable and meets your needs. You can purchase this property one of two ways.  The first is with a cash offer, either with cash from savings or from a bank loan.  The second is to get financing from us, in the form of a contract-for-deed, a form of seller financing which helps buyers avoid the difficult and costly process of going through a bank to obtain a mortgage loan. The minimum requirements for this type of arrangement is 10% down, with monthly payments of at least $250 and an annual interest rate of 7.0%. Paying more per month would reduce the length of the financing and there are no penalties for paying it down early. In the event you want to take advantage of this financing, we will work with you to arrange a satisfactory monthly payment and there will be no prepayment penalties if you want to pay off the property early. Once the last payment has been made, the deed will be transferred to the buyer.

This is a residential lot. We have had a number of inquiries on this property from prospective buyers asking about building and zoning restrictions. First, it is important to point out that the Village of Vermont follows Fulton County's Zoning Ordinance. It does not have separate rules and regulations from the county. There is a 25 foot setback requirement as well as a 35 foot height limit on structures. There is no minimum size requirement, which means you can put up any size cabin you want, large or small. Finally there are no regulations prohibiting campers or RVs on lots. For more details, please review Fulton County's Zoning Ordinance. If you have any questions about living in Vermont, you may want to visit the Village's website or call them at (309) 784-3561. 

Located on the west side of Vermont, this lot is unique as being one of very few wooded locations in the town.

Pictures and maps

Below is an interactive Google map which shows the location of Lot 2 on the west side of Vermont, IL.  It is one-third of a mile west of the town square.

Vermont, Illinois

Note: Before entering a contract-for-deed, it is important to make sure that you can afford all of the payments until the financing is completely paid off. A default could result in loss of the property and any funds paid up to the time of default, similar to a mortgage loan.

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