Lot 5 - Pike County Lot

Key Information
State: Illinois
County: Pike
Town: Pearl (closest town)
Size: 1.16 acres
Price: $7,500 - SOLD October 2013!

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This property represents our first in the famed Pike County of west-central Illinois, an area noted nationwide for its premier whitetail deer hunting. This property is approximately 1.1 acres in size and is conveniently located at the intersection of a highway and a gravel county road. There are a host of potential uses for this property: hunting, camping, and firewood. The property is part of a large ravine, which makes it unsuitable to drive on. Therefore, if you wanted this property for camping purposes, you would need to park an RV or camper along the north edge of this property, adjacent to the gravel county road. One advantage to this property is that it is loaded with hardwood timber--in particular, Black Locust, which is excellent for wood stoves and fireplaces. You could probably make back a good chunk of your investment in this property just from selling firewood from it!

Hunting Potential!
Though small, this property definitely could be used for hunting. Pike County is the most popular and successful county in the entire state for deer hunting and this property is located in an extremely good area of Pike County, in the southern portion of the county just a couple miles from the Illinois River!  And contrary to popular belief, there are NO regulations restricting your ability to hunt next to a public roadway. Just read the passage below from page 44 of the 2012-13 Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations:

The aerial image below was taken in September 2012 and shows the boundaries of the property.

Photo Tour of 1.1 Acre Lot in Pike County

Below is another aerial photo showing a regional view of the property and surrounding area. The body of water on the right side of the image is the Illinois River.

Below is an interactive Google map which shows the location of the property. You can toggle between map view, satellite (aerial) view, or terrain view by clicking on the boxes in the top right corner of the map.

Lot 5 - Pike County Lot

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