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Wildlife variety

Many sites only show you pictures of their deer and the occasional turkey, but we pride ourselves on having the best all around wildlife habitat with the greatest degree of biodiversity.  This page is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of our wildlife.

Bobcat (our first on camera).  Bobcats are expanding their range in west-central Illinois but are still quite rare to see.

Raccoon lodge under a partially fallen Osage Orange tree

Nice buck in front of the Raccoon tree shown above

American Badger, a ferocious critter with an unparalleled digging ability.  Quite rare in west-central Illinois due to the lack of their preferred habitat, grasslands.

Small Chipmunk (top left) on the Badger's dirt mound shown in the prior picture

Groundhogs using the burrow dug by the American Badger

Beautiful picture of a doe in our CRP buffer strip habitat at the edge of a forest and an agricultural field

Honey Bee hive in a wood duck box

Red fox

Coyote near carcass

Back side of a Red Tailed Hawk near a carcass

Unidentified falcon near carcass (let us know if you know what kind of bird this is)