Teraprom Land Company owns and operates multiple tracts of timberland, agricultural land and vacant lots in Illinois. On our lands, we promote recreation, sustainable forestry and conservation practices. Our activities include property acquisition and sale, recreational leasing and forest products.

We are, quite simply, a land company. Our business lines all revolve around land and products that originate from land that we own or manage. Our basic premise is that humans should do right by the land and do their part to preserve and restore it. The name "Teraprom" embodies this philosophy, originating from the latin words "Terra Promus" which translates to "land steward". We are dedicated to the sustainable use and preservation of land.

Recent Updates: 
5/30/21 - 1.2 acres for sale in Schuyler County!

Teraprom is engaged in the following three activities:
  1. Properties - This is the heart of Teraprom's mission: land ownership. We currently have 20 properties ranging in size from one-fifth of an acre to 125 acres. Click here to learn more about our properties.
  2. Leasing - We have over 370 acres of timber and agricultural land in Schuyler County, Illinois. We offer annual or multiyear hunting leases on each of our properties.
  3. Forest Products - Teraprom provides sustainable forest products from its high quality timberlands which contain some of the most valuable hardwoods in North America, including Black Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, Hickory and more.
Teraprom believes in the wise use and protection of natural resources. Unlike most natural resources companies these days, we actually own the majority of our properties and firmly believe that this incentivizes us to do what is in the long term best interest of the land. The majority of the profits we earn are reinvested in our properties or used to acquire additional land.  We achieve our conservation goals by removing invasive species, ensuring forest tree species diversity, planting new forests, enrolling land in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and installing buffer strips near streambanks to prevent erosion.