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2011 Timber Harvest

The pictures below were taken at Sugar Grove Place and Poverty Point in March 2011 during a small timber harvest. Twenty trees were harvested in total, 18 Black Walnut and 2 Cherry. Many of these logs were veneer quality, which is the highest quality rating a log can achieve. Taking these few trees helped provide operating income for our lands and made only a small dent in the forest cover of the woodland.

Large stump of Black Walnut (approximately 70 years old)

Walnut tree top.  Unfortunately, these pieces are not utilized in traditional logging practices and are left in the wood to rot.

Stump of a large Cherry tree at Sugar Grove Place

The top of the Cherry tree shown in the picture above.  Similar to the Black Walnut top shown above, this was left in the forest to rot.

Black Walnut tree in foreground, Cherry in background

Large felled Black Walnut tree with logger and skidder in background.  This one needed to be winched across the creek.

Trimming up a fallen Black Walnut Tree by cutting off the crown

Logger cutting down a magnificent Black Walnut veneer log

The largest Black Walnut tree harvested with a foot shown for scale. This tree was over 100 years old.

The landing at the end of the day.  All Black Walnut logs shown here, with a lone Cherry log just right of center.

Some long Black Walnut logs

Cherry veneer log

Picture of the few trees that were harvested from Poverty Point. Most came from Sugar Grove Place.