About us

To become the largest, most environmentally responsible and professionally managed landowner and natural resources company in west-central Illinois.

Teraprom was founded in 2009, incorporated in 2012, and currently owns over 500 acres of land in west-central Illinois. Teraprom's operations include the acquisition, sale and leasing of timberland and agricultural land, as well as forestry management and the production of forest products. We lease our lands to local farmers and sportsmen from across the country. We believe in the sustainable management of our forests and conduct timber stand improvement and selectively harvest mature timber to produce income and improve wildlife habitat. Unlike many natural resources companies, the majority of our income is derived from land we own, not lease, and all of our profits get reinvested in the land through conservation and management of existing properties or the acquisition of new properties.

We plan to accomplish our ambitious mission through generating diverse revenue streams from a variety of natural resource and recreational activities. For us, this means using the bounty of the 
land for recreation, while sustainably utilizing the land's vast natural resources to satisfy the demands of society.
We intend to set the standard for responsible land management and in so doing, encourage other landowners and natural resources companies to live up to those high standards as well. Conservation and capitalism can coexist, and Teraprom intends to prove that through our daily actions.

Most of our properties are located in west-central Illinois, a region renowned nationwide for its excellent hunting opportunities which are second to none. Schuyler County, in particular, is a gem of west central Illinois, with its varied topography that features a balanced mix of forested and agriculture land and much less hunting pressure than other popular hunting destinations.